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DIY St. Patrick's Day Bunting Banner with Estate Meritage

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Let's sip and craft together, this time enjoying our Estate Meritage while creating an adorable bunting banner that's perfect to make your fireside festive this St. Patty's Day!

First, we need to gather our supplies!


  1. Burlap - You don't need too much, just enough to make the amount of triangles you need to span your mantle. 1/2-1 yard should suffice.

  2. Green Yarn - The length of your mantle plus a few more inches for slack.

  3. 1 Piece of Paper + Pen - To make template.

  4. Painter's Tape

  5. Gold Puffy Paint, Gold Nail Polish or Gold Metallic Sharpie (for a finer woven burlap)

  6. Paintbrush

  7. Green Acrylic/Crafter's Paint

  8. Paperclip or Yarn Needle

  9. Elmer's Glue & Water

  10. 2019 Estate Meritage of Course! Grab a Bottle of our Meritage Here.

Let's Get Crafting!

First pour yourself a glass of wine! Done? Good. Let's get started!

1. The first thing we need to do is decide how large we want our triangles to be. Draw out a triangle using your black pen and piece of paper. Now cut that out so that you can have a template to use while cutting out the burlap. This allows each triangle to be relatively the same size and also helps make sure that you have enough burlap for the whole project.

2. Next use your scissors and your paper template to cut the desired number of triangles from your burlap (I cut 10 total). You can either mark the burlap around the template with a pen and then cut, or just hold the template and cut the burlap around the outside edge. Whatever's easiest for you!

3. Take a sip of that wine!

4. Now you want to put down some newspaper, cardboard, or other type of paper underneath 1/2 of the triangles all laid out in a line evenly. With your painters tape, tape across the top edge of the triangle to hold them all in place. Do another strip of painter's tape approximately 1" below the first. Then another, 1" below that, until you get to the bottom point of the triangle.

5. Parched? Have another sip!

6. Grab your green paint and paintbrush, and paint all the exposed burlap that is in between the strips of painter's tape. This is what will make those lovely green stripes on half of the bunting banner. All the excess paint in between the holes of the burlap will get caught on the paper beneath. Note: When you pull them off the paper, it's okay if a bit of the paper comes away with it. That is the back side of the banner, but you can always pick the paper off if it bothers you.

7. Set those off to dry while you grab the other 1/2 of plain bunting triangles. Now, there are two different types of burlap. The one I have that I used in the video, has wider holes than a more tight knit burlap. Due to the larger gaps, I needed something more than a gold sharpie to really show the circles. Therefore, I used puff paint instead that I got from IKEA. This didn't soak into the burlap so it kept its vibrant gold color. Using the puff paint, make small circles, about the size of a quarter, all over the burlap triangle. You will want to let them dry but first, after applying the paint I lifted each triangle to a fresh sheet of paper to dry as a lot of the paint went through the holes to the paper they were on. This takes away the excess paint that would delay the drying process even more.

8. To make the burlap stiff, I mixed Elmer's glue with some water to thin it out a bit 50-50 ratio. With a wide brush, brush the dry bunting with the watery glue. I set my bunting on aluminum foil to dry overnight.

9. Peel the bunting free from the aluminum foil and if the backside is still wet, you can flip it over and let it dry longer. If not, you will now want to trim the outside edges of your bunting triangles so that they are all smooth edged and relatively the same size.

10. Lay out the triangles every other pattern (spots, stripes, spots, stripes, etc), and with the green yarn, cut a length that is as long as the triangles together plus a few inches on either side.

11. With your green yarn threaded through, either a yarn needle, or the eyelet of a tool like an unfolded then folded in half paper clip (this is what I show in the video), weave the yarn through the bunting going from the front to the back, along the backside of the top of the bunting, then back up and out the other end. Repeat for all of the triangles. See image above.

12. Hang on your mantle or the top of your hutch, and enjoy! Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us here at Clos LaChance winery. Cheers!

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