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Looking Back on Harvest 2021

Harvest is one of the most exciting times, and for many here at Clos LaChance, their favorite part of winemaking. When the fruit is...

The Start of Another Fruitful Harvest

What an amazing year it has been for grapes in 2021. The perfect terroir to start harvest a bit sooner than anticipated! Last week, we...

Summer Time Lunch with Colibri Rosé

As summer comes to its final weeks and autumn waits just around the corner, we would like to share a delightful pairing of fresh,...

Winemaking Basics 101: Vineyard Edition

Remember when wine used to be made by stomping on the grapes with your bare feet? I am certainly glad those days are over, but what you...

From Vine to Wine: The Bottling Line

You see shelves of wine stacked in stores, and the supplies seem unending. When one bottle or three get put into a cart, others come to...

7 Things to Know About Clos

The important thing that we value at Clos LaChance is our history, our passion, our consistent evolution to the changing industry and...

Meet the Clos Team

THE MURPHY FAMILY BILL MURPHY FOUNDER & CEO Bill Murphy is the CEO and co-founder of Clos LaChance Winery. He runs day-to day management...

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