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Looking Back on Harvest 2021

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Harvest is one of the most exciting times, and for many here at Clos LaChance, their favorite part of winemaking. When the fruit is hanging and at its fullest, it can often be a race against the clock to get all of the clusters picked before any rain sets in.

Luckily for us, the 2021 season was very mild. Spring had perfect temperatures for fruit set. There was no frost damage or big rain events, no wind storms or heat spikes. It truly was, the best climate to get the best quality grapes possible.

We were able to start harvesting the third week of August. Clusters were picked and brought up the hill to where they would be crushed, fermented, aged, and turned into the very best wine that 2021 has to offer.

The very first grapes to be harvested were our Sauvignon Blanc. White wines are the earliest to ripen and therefore need less time on the vine. After the whites are done, we move onto the lighter reds like our Merlot and Grenache. The weather stayed perfect throughout September allowing for additional hangtime for our heavier reds like our Cabernet Sauvignon.

2021 was what we like to call a "Goldilocks Year" meaning not only is the quality perfect, but quantities were higher than in previous years. Truly the perfect balance of what Mother Nature has to offer.

As we move into winter and the vines lose their leaves and go dormant, they have left us with an abundance of juice that will be transformed into the highest quality wine that the Santa Clara Valley and our Clos LaChance vineyard has to offer.

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