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The Start of Another Fruitful Harvest

What an amazing year it has been for grapes in 2021. The perfect terroir to start harvest a bit sooner than anticipated! Last week, we were able to do the blessing of the grapes ceremony here at Clos LaChance as the first of the grapes were plucked from their vines to make their journey from vine to wine!

During the ceremony, our winemaker, Jason Robideaux, gave a speech about how the climate has been for the past year, his 15th year harvesting the grapes from the Estate vineyards at Clos LaChance! Here's a little bit of what Jason had to say:

"A little bit about the year, the growing temperatures, everything has been absolutely perfect. Surprisingly we've only had one day over 100 degrees. I think we have a little over 500 tons out there. It's actually really encouraging. The perfect weather, really high yields, everything's lining up. As long as we have our normal idea of summer, it stays warm through September/October, no rain—knock on wood—everything should be good. We're excited about this year!"

After saying a few words, Jason did the ceremonial sabering of a bottle of Amber's Cuvee and poured the juice atop the grapes.

Everyone toasted to the success of the harvest, and then got back to work!

There is never a moment to rest during harvest time. We most certainly have our work cut out for us. But we'll be back later to share more about the process after the grapes have been harvested and are ready to be transformed into the delicate, nuanced flavors of a Clos LaChance Estate wine. Cheers!

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