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Sip & Cook with Us: Valentine's Day Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

So you've seen the chocolate dipped strawberries in the store and thought, I'd better buy them, they're way too difficult to make.

But, they aren't at all! They are extremely easy to make, and I'm here to cook and sip some Colibri Rosé with you while we work together to make chocolate dipped strawberries!

What You'll Need

  • Strawberries... duh!

  • Ghirardelli (or comparative brand) baking chocolate milk or dark, and white as well (for the drizzle and tuxedos)

  • Two soup pans

  • Two glass bowls

  • Spatula

  • Two Ziploc bags (sandwich size or piping bags)

  • Scissors

  • Wax Paper

  • Baking Sheet or Plate

  • Optional: Gold Cupcake Liners

Prepping the Strawberries

When you go to pick out your strawberries at the store, if you want picture perfect chocolate dipped strawberries, look for the ones that look like little hearts themselves with the largest part at the top and the steep angle that goes down to the point at the bottom. Some strawberries end up with a wide bottom part which will be more difficult to dip into a cup and get even coating.

Select the best of the bunch and rinse them to wash off any dirt that might still be on them. Pat them dry so as not to add any water to the chocolate.

Melting the Chocolate

Get two medium saucepans out and put in about a couple of inches worth of water at the bottom of each. Set them on the stove to boil. In the meantime, grab two glass bowls and pour dark chocolate melting chips into one and white chocolate melting chips into the other.

Once the water is boiling (TIP: you can add a tsp of olive oil to the water to stop it from bubbling over), place a bowl onto the top of each one. The bottom should not touch the water as we don't want the chocolate to burn, we just want to use the steam to melt the chips above.

Using a spatula, stir continuously until the chocolate and the white chocolate are completely melted. Turn to low heat so the chocolate stays melted. Using a ladle or large spoon, fill two cups 2/3 of the way up with each of the chocolates. Save enough chocolate aside staying warm to add to piping bags for the final details.

Dipping the Strawberries

Now it's time to do what is arguably the most fun part of the process... dipping the strawberries in the chocolate of course! Dip each strawberry in chocolate. Do some in the dark chocolate, and the ones you want to make tuxedos for in the white to start. Get a good mixture going, as I did in the video.

Now, with them all dipped, the chocolate needs to set before we put on the finishing touches. Pop your tray/plate in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes until the chocolate feels set.

While those are chilling, you can take the leftover chocolate still warm on the stove and get those into Ziploc baggies or piping bags (whichever you have handy) ready to decorate.

Drizzling & Making Tuxedo Strawberries

Get the chilled strawberries out of the refrigerator! Time to get them all dolled up!

For the white chocolate drizzled ones, you will grab your bag, snip just the corner tip off to allow the melted white chocolate to come out and just go back and forth over the top of each strawberry horizontally, making long strokes so the chocolate comes out in thin ribbons rather than globs.

For the tuxedos, you will take your white chocolate dipped strawberries and your dark chocolate still in the cup, and you want to dip either side of the chocolate (not straight up and down) so that you are creating a V-shape with the dark chocolate. Set that aside and continue until all of your tuxedos are dipped. Take your dark chocolate piping bag, clip off the tip,

For the buttons, you just want to come in with 2-3 dots of frosting in a vertical line with space in between. For the bowtie, you will do a sort of X-shape that creates the look of a bow.

Display your Beautiful Strawberries and Share

Place the strawberries in gold or pink cupcake liners (optional) for a little extra pizzazz before you bring them to the party, and you're all set! Chocolate dipped Valentine's Day strawberries like a pro!

For other Valentine's Day DIY ideas, check out this post on how to make a V-Day Floral Bouquet, or this V-Day craft where I make heart and star-shaped air dry clay magnets to decorate your fridge!

If you decide to make these strawberries, take a picture and tag us on social media:

Facebook: @closwine

Instagram: @closlachancewinery

Twitter: @closlachance

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