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How Clos LaChance Survived Through a Pandemic | Clos LaChance Owners Bill and Brenda Murphy

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

2020 truly was difficult on everyone, including small businesses. Many businesses closed their doors when they couldn't offer to-go services. All in-person, indoor-only shops and stores, had to close their doors and revenue stopped immediately.

So how was it possible for a family-owned winery like, Clos LaChance, able to persevere through such challenging times?

Owners Bill and Brenda Murphy explain how the pandemic affected the winery and who they have to thank for coming out on the other end.

We hope you are all staying safe during these continuously difficult times, and that your businesses are staying afloat as we tread through these uncertain waters to make it to the other end of this terrible pandemic.

Our thanks to all of our wonderful members and fellow wine-lovers who have ensured we will still be here when the world returns to normal.

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