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Q&A with a Sommelier: How to Prepare for a Day of Wine Tasting

We asked Roy Froom, Estate Sommelier here at Clos LaChance winery, if there was anything you should know before setting out with friends for a day of wine tasting so the wine tastes its very best? What could negatively affect the flavors? Does what I eat throughout the day matter?

In this YouTube video, Roy walks us through how to prepare for a day of wine tasting from what to eat beforehand, to how to enjoy the day pacing yourself, so that you can truly have a full day of wine tasting.

There is a trick to it, and we're all ears to know how! Watch the video, or look below for a breakdown of how to plan out your wine tasting day/weekend.



  1. Get a wine map either by visiting your local winery or going online and downloading a map of the region you will be tasting in.

  2. Pick three wineries to head to each day you will be tasting.

  3. Go to each of the wineries websites to jot down the hours/days of operation so you don't end up going when they are closed or hosting private events.

  4. Check if reservations are required.

  5. If applicable, check if they are child and/or pet friendly. Many wineries nowadays are for ages 21 and older.

  6. Decide who will be the designated driver and rotate each day so that everyone gets to enjoy the wine tasting experience.

Day of your Wine Tasting:

  1. Eat a good/hearty breakfast to absorb the alcohol and to make your experience more pleasurable.

  2. Bring water. This helps keep your metabolism working well. The rule is: 1 glass of water for every glass of wine. You will fatigue your pallet if you drink too much too quickly and don't take breaks, so make sure to take breaks and hydrate.

  3. DO NOT: wear perfumes, colognes, lipsticks, or chew gum. These change the flavors of the wines you will be tasting.

  4. Bring a picnic if the winery allows or check to see if they have food available for purchase.

What to Expect/The Purpose of Wine Tasting:

  1. You will most likely be seated outside due to the pandemic which has closed many of the tasting rooms to allowing guests to taste indoors, so make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

  2. Grab a menu. You will be served five wines ranging from light whites to deeper, robust reds. Each will be a pour of 1 oz, which together make 5 oz, or one full glass of wine.

  3. The purpose of wine tasting is to see what you like and don't like. It's always best to try wines even if you don't think you'll like them, because you may be surprised by what you find! If you don't like a wine, there are buckets that you can pour the wine into which is perfectly acceptable etiquette. Not everyone likes the same things when it comes to wine and that is to be expected.

  4. When you find one or two wines you like, you can buy a bottle to enjoy at your picnic or a couple to take home for a special night.

  5. When you find a favorite winery that has your favorite wines, ambience, events, staff, etc, consider joining their Wine Club! Every winery has one. They are free to join, and get you free wine tastings, discounts on all wines, special member's only events, and more! You can cancel your membership at any time online or over the phone. You are only obligated to pay for whatever the annual distribution of wines are for the club level that you chose. That's it!

Well there you have it. So much can affect your wine tasting experience from what you had for breakfast, to how much you taste vs. drink, to whether or not you are hydrated. So many factors to think about that can affect the flavors of the wines you're tasting. You may have missed a gem because you drank a Zin after having a fish sandwich. Yuck!

Follow Roy's directions next time you go out wine tasting, and you're sure to have a blast! Have you ever experienced a wine tasting going south because you didn't prepare your pallet or perhaps you wore your favorite perfume which changed the way all of the wines tasted? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to Subscribe, Like, and Comment on the video over on YouTube, so you don't miss any upcoming videos!

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